TECH{dot}MN publishes article on GeoThentic

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TECH{dot}MN has published an article about the LT Media Lab’s GeoThentic software. GeoThentic is an online scaffolded learning environment that helps teachers integrate geospatial technologies in the K-12 classroom for learning geography. The environment was built on the TPACK foundation and real-time feedback.
In the article, Doering explains that with GeoThentic: “Students are not only learning geography, they’re also learning one of the leading technologies in the sense of employment,” noting that the number of jobs currently available using geospatial technology is “extremely high.” He points to numerous other aspects of the software that help set it apart from anything else on the market. There are the situated movies that come attached to each module – a breaking newscast that situates the (real-life) task and motivates the student to solve it. There’s the integration of TPACK (Technological and Pedagogical and Content Knowledge – there’s a mouthful), which aims to integrate vital knowledge bases for both student and teacher….