Napaaqtugmiut School, Noatak, Alaska

North of Sixty° Updates & Interviews from Alaska

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As part of the North of Sixty° ( project, two team members recently spent two weeks in Alaska visiting schools in both the Northwest Arctic Borough and on Kodiak Island. While there, they met with teachers and students, as well as with community members who could speak to the history and culture of the region. They captured interviews from elders and others in these communities and are sharing these videos online to help educate students worldwide about life in these communities.
The mission of North of Sixty° is to create a global tapestry of video stories that weave together both the ecological and cultural history of northern communities worldwide, helping preserve traditional knowledge and document how climate and other changes are impacting these communities. The project is collaborating with classrooms from around the globe, including schools in Alaska, Russia, Norway, Canada, and Finland. These schools are being provided with mobile technology kits and an online learning environment to scaffold students in the process of capturing, editing, and sharing video stories from their communities.
To learn more about the project and view interviews, along with the team’s updates from the field, please visit!