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From Africa to the Arctic: Earthducation Brings Environmental Awareness

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The University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment (IonE) recently published an interview with Doering about the Earthducation project. Doering is an IonE resident fellow. Titled “From Africa to the Arctic: Earthducation Brings Environmental Awareness,” the IonE interview includes the history of the Earthducation project along with some of Doering’s insights gathered from completed expeditions.
Earthducation ( is an adventure learning project that is examining the intersections between education and sustainability in communities around the world. The overarching goal is to consider how education might influence a healthier future for our planet. To date, Doering and the Earthducation team have visited five continents, completed more than 200 interviews, and gathered thousands of gigabytes of media (video, photos, and audio files). Interviews have been conducted with individuals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from farmers, factory workers, students, and teachers, to government officials, grassroots organizers, indigenous leaders, and much more.