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U Expedition Reveals Climate Challenge

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John Rash of the Star Tribune interviewed Doering about The Changing Earth project and his more than decade of work using innovative approaches to educate students and the general public about climate change and other issues facing our global community. An excerpt from the editorial appear below. View the full article at

Doering is listening — and talking, to a global audience in interviews with CNN, the Weather Channel and other major media outlets, as well as to students, about what his team is learning in the Arctic and soon from upcoming tropical expeditions. It’s all part of an effort from the University’s Learning Technologies Media Lab, where Doering teaches.

“The ultimate goal is to let students experience the world without leaving their classroom,” said Doering, a former high school geography teacher.

This kind of innovative approach to such a consequential problem is yet another example of how the University of Minnesota can have a profound impact on the defining issues of our time.