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Thanks for motivating our staff to achieve their dreams of making a difference in the classroom! Your stories and photos are simply stunning and an inspiration for us all. —Stephanie, high school principal

Aaron has achieved his own dreams through hard work, perseverance, and by following principles learned while growing up on a family farm in rural Minnesota. Since childhood, he’s had a passion for adventure, the natural world, and education. Those passions drove his quest to change the way that education was being delivered to students around the world. He helped pioneer a new form of education called adventure learning that uses emerging technologies to bring real-world stories and issues from remote regions of the Earth into the classroom as students follow him and his teams of explorers through the Arctic and to every continent. Adventure learning puts students in direct contact with people living in those regions, scientists studying those regions, and their peers in classrooms around the world.
At the same time Aaron was achieving his dream of making a difference in the field of education, he was meeting new personal challenges skiing and dogsledding throughout the circumpolar Arctic, learning to survive on the land in unforgiving climates and landscapes, and making lifelong friends with people from diverse cultures around the globe.

I had no idea one person could achieve so much in such a short time. What an incredible story of personal achievement and motivation! —Bob, CEO of a midsize corporation

These extreme adventures tied to a revolutionary new approach to learning have endowed Aaron not only with exciting stories and stunning photos and videos to share, but also with key life lessons about what it takes to achieve one’s dreams, to drive change on both small and large scales, and to persevere even in the face of daunting odds. He now gives dozens of talks a year focused on educating others and inspiring them to pursue their own dreams even as they inspire others to do the same.
The Land That Never Melts
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Bio in Brief

With a passion for the Arctic, the environment, and education, Aaron has more than a decade and thousands of miles of experience dogsledding, skiing, and pulking the circumpolar Arctic while educating students around the world online. Beginning in the late 1990s, Aaron began raising money and writing grants to undertake his first Arctic expedition – a six-month-long dogsledding expedition across the Canadian Arctic. Leaving on New Year’s Eve in 2003, he and five teammates dogsledded from Yellowknife, NWT, to Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada while educating millions of students online about climate change and Arctic culture and motivating people worldwide to achieve their dreams, no matter how crazy or impossible they might seem.
Over the next decade, Aaron and his teams went on to dogsled through the Canadian, Alaskan, Russian, Fennoscandian, and Russian Arctic; visit and share stories from communities in climate hotspots on every continent; and continue to educate people worldwide about issues tied to climate change, sustainability, and education. Traveling from the depths of the Peruvian Amazon to some of the most impoverished regions in Africa, the stories Aaron and his teams collected capture the imagination and inspire people to take action.
A published author and frequently sought-after speaker worldwide, Aaron has engaged, motivated, and inspired students, teachers, business professionals, and the general public around the globe through his adventures, online projects, writing, and recent TED talk. Aaron is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota, a laureate of the prestigious humanitarian Tech Awards, and a fellow for the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment.