The Changing Earth

The Changing Earth is a four-year adventure learning program that seeks to inspire local solutions to global challenges, and kids worldwide to #choose2care about their environment, culture, and community. Led by Doering, a small team of explorers is tackling unbeaten paths across vast wilderness areas in the Arctic and Tropics while documenting stories of how individuals and communities are finding strength and purpose in an increasingly fragile, interconnected, and stressed world. The Changing Earth offers a free standards-based curriculum, along with project- and inquiry-based tools for teachers and learners worldwide. Activities are focused on science, technology, geography, and culture. The mission of the Changing Earth is to help create an environmentally literate and socially engaged generation of learners able to blend traditional and 21st century scientific and cultural knowledge to generate innovative solutions to sustain the Earth and its diverse inhabitants into the unforeseeable future.
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